I call this sketch, 'The Turmoil Within". We go out in this world daily like everything is okay. Throughout your life, you thrive on being competitive and fruitful some of us continually battling within. Am I good enough? What if I would do this or that? Looking back at your past knocking yourself on the choices you made to be where you are today. Of course, the grass is greener on the other side when you're observing other people's lives. Don't let social media fool you. Everybody is not that happy or so extrovert as they claim to be. The one's who talks the most are the ones have the most to hide. How many selfies can one person take? Geesh. Maybe those selfies are hidden messages of what's going on inside of them. A picture says a thousand words that we never actually pay attention to because of our self-absorption. Okay, how does this deal with the turmoil you say? Well maybe we are so focused on looking at other people's lives from social media to reality television shows that we don't consider ourselves to take care of things. It's millions of people who fake it every single day and are just dying inside. Everyone hides that depression thinking no one cares and guess what? They don't. Only living for our responsibilities to be enslaved in other people's happiness and not your own. No matter how hard it is to break free never stop trying. No matter how hard it is, I want you to try your best to move on and not hold grudges. I still have that challenge greatly on that one. Find peace from within; it's not easy because you have conditioned yourself in becoming a habit. Love yourself. Don't look for love. Don't look for acceptance. Don't look for anything that doesn't make you or your life better and you'll slowly see that the turmoil begin to dissolve. It might not happen instantly but try your best to continue the fight. Never give up. Never give in. #desife #life #doodle #sketch #wisdom #selflove #love #dailylife #challenge #happiness

Fake Love